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For Code Officials

Building codes are living documents, subject to frequent revision based on advancements in building materials and practices. 

Already in wide use, and accepted by the 2009 revisions of the International Building Code & International Residential Code, cellulose insulation offers real advantages in both performance and safety over competing insulation products.

Cellulose insulation offers a host of superior performance features:

Cellulose insulation is national, regional and local code compliant, and offers superior energy conservation. National Fiber warrants the performance of its Cel-Pak insulation for the life of the structure in which it's installed, a warranty that is matched by few others and exceeded by none.

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National Fiber is available as a reference resource for code officials, builders, and architects to answer questions you may have about designing and building with cellulose, firewall approvals and ratings, thermal performance, mold resistance, or any other concern. We also offer complimentary AIA approved education seminars on the performance and function of cellulose insulation.


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