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Commercial Structures

Builders and owners of commercial buildings face a distinct set of challenges. National Fiber's Cel-Pak insulation is designed to address your real-world concerns.


Cellulose insulation provides a solid return on investment. By dramatically reducing air infiltration (by at least 38% as compared to glass fiber, in a study performed by The University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning), an investment in cellulose insulation quickly pays for itself in reduced energy costs, then provides a lifetime of savings.1,2

Using cellulose insulation allows HVAC systems to be downsized in many cases, saving up front construction costs. Excellent insulating value and protection from air infiltration means systems can be sized for actual insulation performance, not oversized to make up for air infiltration losses.3

Code Compliance

Already in wide use, and accepted by the 2009 revisions of the International Building & International Residential Codes, cellulose insulation is national, regional and local code compliant. National Fiber warrants the performance of its Cel-Pak insulation for the life of the structure in which it's installed, a warranty that is matched by few others and exceeded by none.

1 Fiber Glass vs. Cellulose Installed Performance, Soontorn Boonyartikarn, Arch. D., and Scott R. Spiezle, M. Arch, University of Colorado Graduate School of Architecture, 1990
2 Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.
3 R-Value, while a useful yardstick for comparing insulations, measures only resistance to thermal conductivity.

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