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Hydro-Spray Mulch

Hydro-Spray Mulch

We don't make twenty varieties of mulch, we make just one - National Fiber Hydro-Spray Mulch. We think it's the best cellulose-based mulch you can buy, and our customers agree.

Our approach when it comes to mulch is 'simpler is better', so our mulch contains just three ingredients:

  • Over-issue newsprint (yesterday's unsold newspapers)
  • A premium quality, bio-degradable green dye and
  • Just a little surfactant, for wetting.
That's it. No twine, no cardboard, no plastic, no bits of metal, no traces of someone's dinner. Because we use just three simple ingredients, there's something in our Hydro-Spray mulch for you:
  • Time and money - It's clean, with nothing in it to clog your spray nozzle or damage your pump.
  • Ease of use - It breaks up easily and evenly, dispersing well in your mixing tank.
  • A better job and fewer callbacks - Our high-quality raw material means long, interlocking fibers for great ground coverage and excellent water retention.

National Fiber Hydro-Spray Mulch. We don't make the most mulch we can, just the best mulch we can.

For a PDF of our Hydro-Spray mulch flyer, please click here.


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