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How do you improve on the best cellulose fiber mulch in the business, National Fiber's Hydro-Spray Mulch?

If you need to apply our Hydro-Spray Mulch on slopes or during periods of heavier rainfall, our Hydro-Tack tackifier can help provide additional interlocking of the fibers and better adhesion. Hydro-Tack tackifier is available to professional installers in 3lb. bottles, five bottles per case. Each case of tackifier provides enhanced coverage for up to five acres.

Using our Hydro-Tack tackifier couldn't be easier.

Calculate the acreage to be covered, and simply add one bottle of tackifier per acre. (An acre is 43,560 square feet, or app. 1.32 standard football fields.)

Typical coverage for our Hydro-Spray mulch is 1,500 square feet per 40 lb. bag (mixed with 100 gallons of water) which works out to approximately 29 bags per acre, so another way to calculate tackifier use is one bottle of tackifier per 29 bags of Hydro-Spray Mulch.

Best results are obtained when the slurry is sprayed directly downward onto the ground by an operator working at the end of a flexible hose with nozzle. The thickness of the applied slurry should be such that the applicator can barely see the ground beneath.

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