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The Environment

Municipal projects often come with exacting green, or environmental, requirements. With an 83% recycled content, we think there's no better choice in insulation than our Cel-Pak insulation. Cel-Pak is found in many of the most energy efficient municipal buildings in the Northeast. Learn more here.
  • Lowest embodied energy content of any popular insulation
  • Unlike sprayed foams, cellulose isn't petroleum based
  • Installed pneumatically, using only air - never any environmentally damaging chemical blowing agents
  • Cellulose insulation waste is recovered and recycled on-site
  • The production of cellulose upcycles waste paper into a new product - insulation
  • Manufactured, with pride, in Massachusetts
  • Eligible for up to 22 LEED credits
Occupant Safety

Any building that plays host to both employees and the public has to be safe. Our Cel-Pak cellulose insulation has an ASTM E 84 Class A fire rating, and can offer enhanced safety to both occupants and first responders in the event of a fire. Cellulose insulation can actually work to contain and limit the spread of a fire within a structure, and produces negligible amounts of smoke. Cellulose insulation is an ICC approved fire block material and can serve as an ignition barrier over spray foam. These are critical factors in allowing occupants the time, air supply and visibility needed to escape a fire.


Many municipal buildings are sited in noisy environments. Noise and sound control are important elements in helping to ensure both the comfort of occupants and the confidentiality of proceedings.

Cel-Pak cellulose insulation features the best STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) rating of any commonly used insulation product. A higher STC rating means better airborne noise control from exterior sources, as well as between rooms, offices, suites and hallways when cellulose is used to insulate interior walls. The high installed densities of cellulose insulation absorb sound by dampening vibration and blocking the pathways of airborne sound. More information on the sound control benefits of cellulose is available here.

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