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We know town, city and state budgets are always tight. We also know cellulose isn't the least expensive insulation available.

We believe that cellulose insulation represents the best long-term value among the most widely used insulation products. In addition to its high R-Value rating (R-Value measures resistance to heat flow), cellulose does a much better job at preventing air infiltration than other common insulations, a factor that R-Value measurements don't take into account. That means an investment in high performance cellulose insulation not only repays any additional installation cost, it continues to keep annual energy budgets in check. Take a look at our Insulation Savings Calculator for more information.1

That's why cellulose insulation is the budget friendly insulation choice for municipal buildings.


Cellulose is an ideal choice for new or historic buildings, and is warranted for the life of the structure in either application. Cellulose is easily retrofitted to historic structures of any material - wood, brick, stone, etc. The borates added to cellulose, in addition to providing fire protection, also provide natural resistance to invasive pests and mold. Cellulose, alone among popular insulations, also can help manage airborne moisture drives, which in turn can help preserve a structure. And because dense packed cellulose can move as the structure moves, there's never any concern that gaps or cracks can form in the thermal envelope, unlike rigid insulation products.

1 Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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