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Installation Technical Documents

Cel-Pak and the New ICC 2012 Blower Door Test Requirements
A white paper on the densities and performance of Cel-Pak cellulose in meeting 2012 ICC Blower door requirements.

Concerned about VOC's?
With National Fiber's Cel-Pak, you don't need to be concerned about Volatile Organic Compounds. Click for a PDF of Cel-Pak's VOC certification.

Addressing Indoor Air Quality Issues Before Weatherization
Modern dense pack cellulose and air sealing techniques allow us to dramatically improve the performance and comfort of existing buildings. As we tighten up these buildings, it's critical that we don’t create new, or exaggerate preexisting, indoor air quality (IAQ) problems.

JLC Article on Densepacking Cellulose
Check out this terrific article on densepacking by a National Fiber installer, as featured in the Journal of Light Construction.

Cellulose Installer Training Course - Application and Syllabus
Application form and course outline for National Fiber's Installer's Training Course.

Cel-Pak Fact Sheet
Cel-Pak Fact Sheet per FTC 16 C.F.R. Part §460.13

Cel-Pak Spec Sheet
Specifications, advantages and coverage chart for National Fiber's Cel-Pak
cellulose insulation.

Cel-Pak Coverage Chart
Coverage chart for Cel-Pak cellulose, covering both Dense Pack & Loose Fill applications

Cel-Pak Warranty
National Fiber's Cel-Pak warranty

Cel-Pak Insulation and LEED Credits
National Fiber's Cel-Pak product meets the requirements set forth in the LEED program.

Hygroscopic Properties of Cellulose in Superinsulated Buildings
A white paper discussion on the relevance of the hygroscopic properties of cellulose when used in superinsulated buildings

Certificate of Insulation
The required Certificate of Insulation for structures insulated under weatherization programs.

Cellulose Super Insulation Building Detail for New Construction or Retrofit
A PDF schematic detailing construction of a super-insulated residence using Cel-Pak cellulose

Cellulose Compared to Icynene®
How National Fiber's cellulose insulation compares to Icynene and other low density
foam insulation products.

Cellulose Compared to 'Flash and Batt' Insulation
Comparing National Fiber's cellulose insulation to the 'Flash and Batt' insulation system, which combines closed cell foam with traditional glass fiber batts.

Facts About Smaller Diameter Glass Fiber Blown Insulation Products
A technical document on smaller diameter glass fiber blown insulation products.

Cellulose Resistance and Fire Blocking Capabilities
A technical document explaining the fire resistance and fire blocking capabilites of
National Fiber's cellulose insulation.

Cellulose Insulation and Fire Safety
Cellulose insulation has proven in many tests to offer exceptional fire protection and safety.

Purchasing an Insulation Blowing Machine From National Fiber
Some things to consider when purchasing a cellulose blowing machine, plus a description
of how National Fiber sets up, supports and services the machines they sell.

Insulation Machine Testing Protocol
An insulation machine testing protocol developed by National Fiber for dense pack cellulose

Sizing Heating and Cooling Systems in Cellulose Insulated Buildings
Guidelines for sizing heating and cooling systems in buildings insulated with National Fiber's Cel-Pak cellulose insulation product.

Cellulose Insulation And The Use Of Vapor Barriers
This document describes how National Fiber's cellulose insulation manages moisture without vapor barriers.

Installing Dense Pack Cellulose Behind Insulweb Fabric
A technical document outlining installation procedures for Insulweb netting and dense pack cellulose.

Installing Cellulose Insulation in Blind Cavities
A document describing cellulose installation techniques for blind cavities.

Infrared Inspection of Blind Cavities
A document describing infrared verification protocols for cellulose installed in blind cavities.

National Fiber's Cel-Pak Material Safety Data Sheet
National Fiber's Cel-Pak Material Safety Data Sheet

National Fiber's Expanded Bag Coverage Chart
An expanded bag coverage for National Fiber's cellulose insulation for dense pack and open blow applications.

Case Study of 1950's Era Home Updated with Cel-Pak
This '50's era 2x4 construction home benefitted tremendously from an insulation and heating plant upgrade.

New Customer Information and Credit Application
The Customer Information Sheet and Credit Application are required for all installers and suppliers purchasing directly from National Fiber.

Sizing Heating and Cooling Systems in Cellulose Insulated Buildings
Guidelines for sizing heating and cooling systems in buildings insulated with National Fiber's Cel-Pak cellulose insulation.

Technical Bulletin on Chimneys, Vents and Recessed Lights
A document addressing proper installation near combustion appliances, chimneys, vents or flue pipes, and non-IC rated recessed light housings or fixtures.

Testing For Borate
Our 100% borate formulations means there will never be any corrosion or funny ammonia smells. Installer beware - there are products out there that imply, through their packaging, that they're all borate. Some of them aren't. Here's how to test them.

Using Cellulose Insulation in Below Grade Applications
A technical document outlining the use of cellulose insulation in below grade areas
and basements.

Why You Should Choose National Fiber As Your Cellulose Insulation Provider
A guide for cellulose insulation installers on the advantages for you and your customers of using National Fiber cellulose insulation products.

Hydro-Spray Mulch MSDS data
MSDS for National Fiber's Hydro-Spray Mulch

Hydro-Spray Mulch Specifications data
Specs for National Fiber's Hydro-Spray Mulch


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