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Moisture Control Technical Documents

Cellulose Insulation in the International Energy Conservation Codes
A technical update detailing the references of cellulose insulation in the (IECC) International Energy Conservation Codes.

Cellulose Insulation and Vapor Barriers
This document describes how National Fiber's cellulose insulation manages moisture without vapor barriers.

Unvented Cathedral Ceilings and Flat Roof Assemblies
A technical document regarding the use of cellulose insulation in unvented cathedral and flat roof assemblies.

Using Cellulose Insulation in Below Grade Applications
A technical document outlining the use of cellulose insulation in below grade areas and basements.

Vapor Barrier Modeling with Cellulose Insulation
The results of PE Mark Kelley's moisture modeling of cellulose with and without vapor barriers using the Oak Ridge moisture modeling program WUFI.

What are Borates?
Borates are naturally occurring minerals used to enhance the performance and benefits of National Fiber's cellulose insulation.