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Cel-Pak's 'Declare' label and announcement
Declare is a voluntary self-disclosure program aiming to transform the building materials industry towards healthier and more ecological products through ingredient transparency.

The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) Report on the 2009 Federal Weatherization Stimulus Program
'Low-Income Weatherization: Stimulus-Funded Program Shines but Storm Clouds Are on the Horizon', a new report from the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC), found that ARRA funding spent over the past (3) years resulted in WAP weatherizing 775,000 low-income homes nationwide. The program, now in its thirty-fifth year, is slated for a 95% cut from ARRA funding for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2013. Click for a PDF of the report, or see our Links page to visit the NCLC website for additional content.

Concerned about VOC's?
With National Fiber's Cel-Pak, you don't need to be concerned about Volatile Organic Compounds. Click for a PDF of Cel-Pak's VOC certification.

National Fiber's Inventory Clearance Specials!
Grab these inventory clearance specials before they're gone!

National Fiber's Blowing Machine, Parts & Accessories Catalog
Take a look at our newly revised catalog for parts, accessories and machines to help you run your business.

JLC Article on Dense-Packing Cellulose
Check out this terrific article on dense-packing by a National Fiber installer, as featured in the Journal of Light Construction.

Report on Cel-Pak vs. Glass Fiber and Foam Insulations
A thorough and comprehensive look at Cel-Pak versus other common insulations.

Insulation Comparison Chart
A chart that compares the performance and features of Cel-Pak cellulose insulation to glass fiber, low density foam and high density foam insulations.

10 Things You Should Know About Glass Fiber Insulation
When comparing cellulose to glass fiber insulation, here are some facts to consider.

10 Things You Should Know About Foam Insulation
When comparing cellulose to sprayed foam insulation, here are some facts to consider.

Why You Should Choose National Fiber As Your Cellulose Insulation Provider
A guide for cellulose insulation installers on the advantages for you and your customers of using National Fiber cellulose insulation products.


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