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National Fiber and Cellulose Insulation : Cel-Pak versus Glass Fiber Insulation

See the surprising results when two identical homes are built, one using
National Fiber's Cel-Pak cellulose insulation, and the other with glass fiber insulation.

National Fiber: White House Discussion on the Weatherization Supply Chain

Chris Hoch of National Fiber speaks at the White House Discussion on the Weatherization Supply Chain.
View Chris Hoch presentation | View full Weatherization Discussion

National Fiber and Cellulose Insulation
featured on The Economic Report

This news segment ran regionally and nationally on CNN and FOX, featuring National Fiber, the benefits of cellulose insulation, and the process of its production.
Take a tour of our factory, as featured on
'Making It Here' on PBS.

WGBY paid us a visit to learn the story of how our cellulose insulation is made. Enjoy!

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